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Paperback | Out of Print | 304 pp. | 8.2 x 10.9 in | October 1995 | ISBN: 9780262560917
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A Linguistics Workbook, Third Edition


This supplement designed for first-year courses in linguistics at the college or junior-college level specifically complements the text Linguistics (which takes its examples from English, while the Workbook focuses on universals and cross-language data), but it can be used successfully with any introductory linguistics text. This new edition has been revised in a number of ways. New exercises have been added, many others have been revised, and a few have been dropped. Some of the exercises have also been moved to create new, more logical groupings.A theme that emerges in this edition is that of addressing principles of traditional grammar (prescriptive rules) in a way that leads students to see the inadequacies of these rules/principles and to reframe the issues with their new-found knowledge in linguistics. Students are thus shown what a prescriptive grammar looks like relative to a specific puzzle they can understand in detail.

About the Author

Richard A. Demers is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona.