The Lost World and The Poison Belt

From Radium Age

The Lost World and The Poison Belt

By Arthur Conan Doyle

Introduction by Conor Reid

Afterword by Joshua Glenn

A heart-stopping adventure tale featuring a brilliant scientist—as insufferably pompous as Doyle's most famous character—and his unlikely trio, and its apocalyptic sequel.





A heart-stopping adventure tale featuring a brilliant scientist—as insufferably pompous as Doyle's most famous character—and his unlikely trio, and its apocalyptic sequel.

In 1912, the creator of Sherlock Holmes introduced his readers to yet another genius adventurer, Professor Challenger, who in his very first outing would journey to South America in search of... an isolated plateau crawling with iguanodons and ape-men! A smash hit, Doyle's proto-science fiction thriller would be adapted twice by Hollywood filmmakers, and it would go on to influence everything from Jurassic Park to the TV show Land of the Lost. Its 1913 sequel, The Poison Belt, finds Challenger and his dino-hunting comrades trapped in an oxygenated chamber as the entire planet passes through a lethal ether cloud.

Joshua Glenn is a consulting semiotician and editor of the websites HiLobrow and Semiovox. The first to describe 1900–1935 as science fiction's “Radium Age,” he is editor of the MIT Press's series of reissued proto-sf stories from that period. He is coauthor and coeditor of various books including the family activities guide Unbored (2012), The Adventurer's Glossary (2021), and Lost Objects (2022). In the 1990s, he published the indie intellectual journal Hermenaut.

Conor Reid is a podcaster and writer from Ireland. He has published widely on popular fiction and science, including The Science and Fiction of Edgar Rice Burroughs (2018). He is the Head of Podcasts at HeadStuff Media as well as the host and producer of his own critically acclaimed literature podcast, Words to That Effect. The podcast, which has been performed live in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, tells stories of the fiction that shapes popular culture.


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Conor Reid and Joshua Glenn.


  • “It is a marvel of imaginary adventure which Mr. Doyle has achieved.”

    New York World (1912)

  • “They who neglect to read it will have missed a highly entertaining flight of the Doyle imagination.”

    New York Evening Sun (1912)

  • “The book strikes a fresh note in the literature of adventure.”

    Chicago Record-Herald (1912)

  • “At once one of the most realistic and one of the most romantic of [Doyle's] books.”

    The Living Age (1912)

  • “Highly adventurous and thrilling.”

    Chicago Tribune (1912)

  • “The last word in the sensational. No less interesting than the feats of Sherlock Holmes.”

    Pittsburgh Gazette-Times (1912)

  • “It is the original and real thing, a gem of the Jurassic epoch.”

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (1912)

  • “Highly interesting adventure of a sort to stir the pulse and arouse the wonder of even the jaded novel reader.”

    New York Times (1912)

  • “Easily one of the best stories of the year. It is filled to overflowing with interest, excitement, and humor.”

    Baltimore Sun (1912)

  • “It is a book which excites the reader's imagination from the opening page, and Mr. Doyle's consummate descriptive art never found better use than in following the fortunes of his brave band of explorers into a country the like of which was never dreamed.”

    Boston Globe (1912)

  • “To anyone who has had the delightful experience of traveling in The Lost World with Professor Challenger the bare announcement that that brilliant and eccentric personage plays a most important part in this new tale will quite suffice. For who, having once met the Professor, would not desire to continue the acquaintance?”

    New York Times (1913)