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Knowing about Knowing

Edited by Janet Metcalfe and Arthur P. Shimamura

A Bradford Book




Metacognition offers an up-to-date compendium of major scientific issues involved in metacognition. The twelve original contributions provide a concise statement of theoretical and empirical research on self-reflective processes or knowing about what we know.

Self-reflective processes are often thought to be central to what we mean by consciousness and the personal self. Without such processes, one would presumably respond to stimuli in an automatized and environmentally bound manner—that is, without the characteristic patterns of behavior and introspection that are manifested as plans, strategies, reflections, self-control, self-monitoring, and intelligence.

A Bradford Book


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262132985 350 pp. | 8.9 in x 5.9 in


$32.00 X ISBN: 9780262631693 350 pp. | 8.9 in x 5.9 in


Janet Metcalfe

Arthur P. Shimamura