Minimal Rationality

Minimal Rationality

By Christopher Cherniak

A Bradford Book





In Minimal Rationality, Christopher Cherniak boldly challenges the myth of Man the the Rational Animal and the central role that the "perfectly rational agent" has had in philosophy, psychology, and other cognitive sciences, as well as in economics. His book presents a more realistic theory based on the limits to rationality which can play a similar generative role in the human sciences, and it seeks to determine the minimal rationality an actual agent must possess.


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  • Christopher Cherniak's book is a strikingly original and substantial project, sure to be the focus of respectful attention both inside and outside philosophy. Cherniak's forcefully argued, ingenious, and crisply structured account of 'the deductive inference abilities required of a minimally rational agent' challenges a major tradition in the most constructive way: by offering a well-thought-out alternative.

    Daniel C. Dennett

    Tufts University