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The MIT Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy

By Robert C. Hsu




From "Administrative guidance" (gyosei shido) to the "Zenshinren Bank," this encyclopedic dictionary defines basic concepts and terms from the Japanese economy. The only work of its kind in English, it is a convenient and comprehensive guide to all important economic and business aspects of dynamic postwar Japan. Topics include: - banks- major industries- corporate groups- financial systems- management practices- labor organizations- international trade and investment- government economic policies. Over 150 topical essays, with comprehensive statistics, address major subjects. In addition more than 200 short definitional entries give translations and cross-references for important Japanese economic terms. To ensure a balanced presentation, topics related to Japan-U.S. economic relations incorporate both Japanese and American views. References for further reading accompany all essays, and to facilitate in-depth research, the dictionary contains addresses and telephone numbers of major Japanese business associations and government ministries and agencies.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262082273 432 pp. | 9.1 in x 6.3 in