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Mobile Phones, Sensors, and Lifelogging, Digital Original Edition

A BIT of Reality Mining


Big Data is made up of lots of little data: numbers entered into cell phones, addresses entered into GPS devices, visits to websites, and any other activity that leaves a digital trail. Never before has it been easier to collect so much daily data about ourselves. In this BIT, Nathan Eagle and Kate Greene explore the ways in which an individual’s data can be collected and logged—from a tacit, everyday interaction with a mobile phone to more purposeful digital announcements like status updates—and the privacy considerations that individuals, entrepreneurs, and big businesses need to keep in mind when collecting and analyzing the data.

About the Authors

Nathan Eagle, one of the “50 people who will change the world” on the 2012 Wired Smart List, is the cofounder and CEO of Jana, a company that helps global brands reach customers in emerging markets via mobile airtime. He holds faculty positions at Harvard and Northeastern Universities.

Kate Greene is an essayist, journalist, poet, and former laser physicist based in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in Harvard ReviewSlate, Discover, The Economist, and the New Yorker, among other publications.