Multinationals from Small Countries

Multinationals from Small Countries

Edited by Tamir Agmon and Charles P. Kindleberger




It is generally known that the United States, a large country, has spawned business corporations that transcend international boundaries—"multinationals." What is not generally known is that many smaller countries are rapidly following suit—they too are opening and expanding international operations for their own local firms. This book is the first organized effort by scholars to deal with non-American international corporations as a general phenomenon. Initially presented at a colloquium devoted to the subject held at MIT in January 1976, these seven essays bring to light the relatively unpublicized international activities of firms originating in a number of geographically and economically diverse smaller countries.


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Tamir Agmon

Charles P. Kindleberger

Charles P. Kindleberger is Ford International Professor of Economics Emeritus, MIT and Visiting Professor, Brandeis University.