New Solutions for Cybersecurity

New Solutions for Cybersecurity

Edited by Howard Shrobe, David L. Shrier and Alex Pentland

Experts from MIT explore recent advances in cybersecurity, bringing together management, technical, and sociological perspectives.
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Experts from MIT explore recent advances in cybersecurity, bringing together management, technical, and sociological perspectives.

Ongoing cyberattacks, hacks, data breaches, and privacy concerns demonstrate vividly the inadequacy of existing methods of cybersecurity and the need to develop new and better ones. This book brings together experts from across MIT to explore recent advances in cybersecurity from management, technical, and sociological perspectives. Leading researchers from MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab, the MIT Media Lab, MIT Sloan School of Management, and MIT Lincoln Lab, along with their counterparts at Draper Lab, the University of Cambridge, and SRI, discuss such varied topics as a systems perspective on managing risk, the development of inherently secure hardware, and the Dark Web. The contributors suggest approaches that range from the market-driven to the theoretical, describe problems that arise in a decentralized, IoT world, and reimagine what optimal systems architecture and effective management might look like.

Contributors YNadav Aharon, Yaniv Altshuler, Manuel Cebrian, Nazli Choucri, André DeHon, Ryan Ellis, Yuval Elovici, Harry Halpin, Thomas Hardjono, James Houghton, Keman Huang, Mohammad S. Jalali, Priscilla Koepke, Yang Lee, Stuart Madnick, Simon W. Moore, Katie Moussouris, Peter G. Neumann, Hamed Okhravi, Jothy Rosenberg, Hamid Salim,Michael Siegel, Diane Strong, Gregory T. Sullivan, Richard Wang, Robert N. M. Watson, Guy Zyskind


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Howard Shrobe

Howard Shrobe leads the cybersecurity initiative at MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).

David L. Shrier

David Shrier is Lecturer & Futurist with the MIT Media Lab.

Alex Pentland

Alex (Sandy) Pentland leads the Human Dynamics research group and the Connection Science initiative at the MIT Media Lab and is the author of Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World (MIT Press). He is a pioneer in mobile information systems, technology for developing countries, consumer health, and smart environments. One of the most-cited computer scientists in the world, with international awards in the Arts, Sciences and Engineering, he was chosen by Newsweek as one of the 100 Americans likely to shape this century.


  • New Solutions for Cybersecurity shines a spotlight on the dark side of the Big Data/Big Compute revolution—our increasing vulnerability to a growing risk of cyber insecurity. Its focus on cutting edge solutions to this problem makes it both a must-read for policymakers and a timely introduction for more general audiences.

    Jeff Holman

    CIO Sentient Technologies/Investment Management

  • In a globalized world facing an increasingly sophisticated and multi-dimensional spectrum of cybersecurity challenges, this book provides a rare range of approaches, from market-driven to foundational, to meaningfully tackle the security and privacy challenges faced by governments, enterprises, and individuals. A must-read for those looking for an innovative technical vision for structural changes to progress from inherently insecure legacy architectures and systems, to a fundamentally more trustworthy framework.

    Patricia Hatter

    Chief Information Security Officer, Intel

  • My friends at MIT do a masterful job of convicting the current state of cyber security solutions, but fortunately for our new data-driven society, they also provide a set of solid rehabilitation plans.

    Mac Devine

    IBM Fellow and CTO, IBM Watson Cloud