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Paperback | $29.00 Short | £19.95 | ISBN: 9780262520027 | March 1965

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Nine Soviet Portraits


The raw material for these vignettes came from hundreds of interviews with Soviet refugees, conducted by the Harvard Refugee Interview Project in 1950-1951. These data were later supported by work at the Harvard Russian Research Center and at the M.I.T. Center for International Studies, and from information from the Soviet press.

These nine Soviet portraits are of role-types of Russians in the middle ranks of Soviet society in the post-war era. Dr. Bauer believes that this is the crucial group to examine in order to appreciate the problems of social control in the Soviet Union. Members of this group respond to a pattern of more limited incentives and personal motives. At the same time, the contributions of these people are of first importance to the functioning of the Soviet system, and the degree of skill required of them is considerable.

Nine Soviet Portraits is a study of how these individuals live in a totalitarian society, of the mechanisms of accommodation which they adopt in an almost impossible situation. This book introduces to the general reader some of the basic social and psychological dynamics of Soviet society.

Not all of the characters or the concepts in this volume will be foreign to the reader. The reader will discover many familiar personalities and situations in these sketches. The Soviet Union is a modern industrial society, and all industrial societies have features in common. This is what makes Nine Soviet Portraits such fascinating reading: it gives compelling insights into the men and women who live behind the Iron Curtain and the social and psychological dynamics which motivate them, and offers an unusual perspective in which to view our own society.

About the Author

Raymond A. Bauer was the Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School from 1974 until his death in 1977. He earned his doctorate at Harvard University in 1950 and was a fellow in the Russian Research Center. In 1953 Bauer joined the MIT Center for International Studies and in 1955 became a fellow in MIT's Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Science. He returned to Harvard in 1957 as Professor of Business Administration. Raymond A. Bauer's work focused on such diverse subjects as Soviet psychology, advertising and consumer behavior, the policy making process in government, and the social responsiveness of corporations.


" ingenious and successful application of the insights of socialpsychology to the presentation of real life situations in Soviet society....It cuts through the fog of 'pro' and 'anti' propaganda to give a pictureof lives 'as they are lived' under the Soviet system."
—New York Times

"...the book as a whole will help the non-specialist acquire a betterunderstanding of many domestic problems which continue to plague the post-Stalinist leadership."
—World Affairs

"The book should do much to make Soviet studies alive for the beginner, the specialist from another field, and the educated and inquiring layman."
—American Slavic and East European Review