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Hardcover | Out of Print | 344 pp. | 6.3 x 9.1 in | January 1995 | ISBN: 9780262071598
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Philosophical Psychopathology


Philosophical Psychopathology is a benchmark volume for an emerging field where mental disorders serve as the springboard for philosophical insights. It brings together innovative, current research by Owen Flanagan, Robert Gordon, Robert Van Gulick, and others on mental disorders of consciousness, self-consciousness, emotions, personality, and action and belief as well as general methodological questions about the study of mental disorder. Topics include the problem of despair, multiple personality disorder, autism and the theory of the mind debate, and the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

An extensive introduction shows how to interpret philosophical psychopathology as an interdisciplinary field and locates the contributions in the book conceptually and in terms of the surrounding literature.

Psychopathology promises to clarify and illuminate a host of philosophical issues. The twelve chapters focus chiefly on issues in applied philosophy of mind (personal identity and self- consciousness, voluntary action and self-control, cognition and practical reasoning), in the science of mind (the medical model of mental disorders, philosophy of science and psychiatry, psychopathology and folk psychology), and in the ethical and experiential dimensions of psychopathology.

A Bradford Book

About the Editor

George Graham is a Professor of Philosophy and Neuroscience at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.


“"This book presents a unique collection by some of the most exciting names within the new field of philosophical psychopathology. The degree of rigor and the intuitive grasp of new approaches displayed by the chapter authors is formidable."”
John Rust, Department of Psychology, University of London (editor of the journal Philosophical Psychology)
“"Philosophical Psychopathology concerns a new, very exciting field, and virtually all of the essays that I read were either first-rate or very good. It is a good introduction and discussion of several important and fascinating problems and the still-neglected bridge between conceptual analysis and hands-on medical experience."”
Robert C. Solomon, Quincy Lee Centennial Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Texas
“"Graham and Stephens have put together an important and valuable collection. As far as I know, it is the first of its kind. Given the strong and growing interest in both philosophical issues arising in psychopathology and psychiatry, and issues in philosophy illuminated by experimental and clinical material from that field, it is overdue."”
Jennifer Radden, Department of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts