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Hardcover | Out of Print | January 1971 | ISBN: 9780262080453
Paperback | $39.00 X | £28.95 | May 1973 | ISBN: 9780262580229
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Politics and History In The Soviet Union


Historiography in the mid-twentieth century USSR was charged to an unprecedented degree with the functions of legitimizing political institutions, perpetuating established mores and mythology, and rationalizing official policies. The specific claims of Marxist-Leninist doctrine placed the Soviet historian -- required to serve as scholar, high priest, and political functionary, often caught between the conflicting pressures of ideological orthodoxy and liberalization -- under special tensions.This book presents a detailed analysis of Soviet historiography of the Communist Party in the USSR after Khrushchev's secret speech denouncing Stalin through the Twenty-third Party Congress (roughly 1956-1966). The author uses source materials that she spent a number of years reading and translating -- Soviet mass-edition texts and pamphlets, scholarly monographs, articles in historical journals and the popular press -- to construct a schematic chronology of developments in political history and related political events under Khrushchev and his immediate successors.


“"...systematic, perceptive, careful, and scholarly . . ." American Historical Review”—