Politics and Political Change

From Journal of Interdisciplinary History Readers

Politics and Political Change

Edited by Robert I. Rotberg

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Politics and political change are the staples of history. This collection shows how the study of past politics can be deepened by theory and practice from political science, sociology, and economics, and how the application of quantitative methods to received assumptions can expand our understanding of all political history. The contributions cross continents and range in time from the medieval period to the modern. The wide-ranging topics include political confessionalism, urban voter fraud, and methods of electing popes.

Contributors Sara Alpern, Dale Baum, Allan Bogue, W. Dean Burnham, Jerome Clubb, Joseph Colomer, Jürgen Falter, Gary Fink, Ronald Formisano, James Hilty, Sharon Kettering, Morgan Kousser, Richard Maisel, Loomis Mayfield, Iain McLean, Santa Traugott, Peter Tuckel, Reinhard Zintl


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Robert I. Rotberg

Robert I. Rotberg is Coeditor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary History, President of the World Peace Foundation, Director of Harvard University's Program on Intrastate Conflict, and Adjunct Professor at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.