Population History and the Family

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Population History and the Family

Edited by Robert I. Rotberg

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For more than thirty years, interdisciplinary history has included the study of all aspects of the family, including births, marriages, and household composition. This collection looks at the many dimensions of the study of populations and population movements. It ranges across continents and time, showing how the reconstruction of the past is incomplete without attention to questions of fertility and seasonality, as well as to the impact of demographic variables on social, political, and economic history.

Contributors Francis Brooks, Edward Byers, Michael Craton, David Cressy, Robert Eng, Michael Haines, Barbara Hanawalt, Daniel Kaiser, W. R. Lee, Daniel Quinlan, Anita Rutman, Darrett Rutman, Jean Shackelford, Thomas Smith, Maris Vinovskis, Charles Wetherell, Rudolph Zambardino


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Robert I. Rotberg

Robert I. Rotberg is Coeditor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary History, President of the World Peace Foundation, Director of Harvard University's Program on Intrastate Conflict, and Adjunct Professor at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.