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Processing Neuroelectric Data

By William M. Siebert and MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics

Preface by Walter A. Rosenblith

Foreword by Julius A. Stratton




Some methods of processing data recorded from the nervous system as developed at MIT, with a chapter on random processes. From the Preface:"The methods that one employs in processing data, are, of course, intimately related to the substantive problems that one is interested in, to the models that one has formulated, and to the capabilities of the instrumentation that is at one's command.... Since there is little overlap between those who read neurophysiological journals and those who are interested in communications systems, we felt that it might be useful to provide material of common interest to the various branches of the Communications Sciences."

Contributors W. A. Rosenblith, M. H. Goldstein, Jr., W. T. Peake, C. D. Geisler, N. Y-S. Kiang, T. T. Sandel, J. S. Barlow, C. E. Molnar, T. F. Weiss, William M. Siebert, R. M. Brown, D. F. O'Brien


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262180023 121 pp. |


Walter A. Rosenblith and Julius A. Stratton.