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Paperback | $46.95 Trade | £32.95 | ISBN: 9780262550383 | 456 pp. | 8.5 x 11 in | August 2000

The Projective Cast

Architecture and Its Three Geometries


In this book, completed shortly before his death, Robin Evans recasts the idea of the relationship between geometry and architecture, drawing on mathematics, engineering, art history, and aesthetics to uncover processes in the imagining and realizing of architectural form. He shows that geometry does not always play a stolid and dormant role but, in fact, may be an active agent in the links between thinking and imagination, imagination and drawing, and drawing and building.


"Robin Evans, in his brilliant (sadly posthumous) bookThe Projective Cast, explores some of the properties ofintersecting arcs, flying lines and similar triangles in a series ofessays which work both as an introduction to a range of geometries, andas impressively well-informed accounts of episodes in cultural history.The explanations of the geometries are captivating. We are carefullytaken through them, stage by stage, so that the mysteries of a complexform are uncovered, or an apparently simple form is shown to be morecomplex than it seemed."
Andrew Ballantyne, Times Literary Supplement