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Hardcover | Out of Print | 160 pp. | 12.5 x 9.5 in | 201 color illus. | January 2003 | ISBN: 9780262151061
For sale in the US only.
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Foreword by Mark Rose


More than half of the world's living species--from the hidden forests and exotic mammals of Madagascar to the multicolored birds and butterflies of Central America--are found almost exclusively within the rainforest canopy. Illustrated with 200 spectacular color photographs, Rainforest celebrates the diversity and beauty of the life in the world's rainforests. Each chapter covers a major rainforest region: Africa, Madagascar, India and Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, Central America, the Caribbean, the Amazon (which has more plant and animal species than anywhere else on Earth), and Brazil, as well as the temperate rainforests in areas such as Tasmania and North America. The book details habitat, plants and animals, and threats to the precarious balance between humans and rainforests. The introduction provides an overview of the world's rainforests and a summary of current conservation issues. Reference material includes a color world map showing the major rainforests, suggested further reading, and useful addresses.


“Bottom line: both a lovely book and a substantial one.”—
“This is a celebration of the flora and fauna of the world's rainforests.”—Wildlife Activist
“While the text is informative, the photographs vividly depict the beauty of rainforest ecosystems....”—Richard Walthers, Green@Work Magazine