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Hardcover | Out of Print | 544 pp. | November 1993 | ISBN: 9780262011396
Paperback | $62.00 X | £51.95 | 544 pp. | March 2003 | ISBN: 9780262511421
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Research Directions in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming


This collection of original research provides a comprehensive survey of developments at the leading edge of concurrent object-oriented programming. It documents progress—from general concepts to specific descriptions—in programming language design, semantic tools, systems, architectures, and applications. Chapters are written at a tutorial level and are accessible to a wide audience, including researchers, programmers, and technical managers.

The problem of designing systems for concurrent programming has become an increasingly important area of research in computer science with a concomitant increase in the popularity of object-based programming. Because parallelism is a natural consequence of the use of objects, the development of systems for concurrent object-oriented programming is providing important software support for a new generation of concurrent computers.

About the Editors

Gul Agha is Director of the Open Systems Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science.

Peter Wegner is Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Brown University.

Akinori Yonezawa is Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.