A Long View

By Yegor Gaidar

Translated by Antonina W. Bouis

Foreword by Anders Aslund

An important Russian economist and politician takes a long view of economic history and Russia's development.





An important Russian economist and politician takes a long view of economic history and Russia's development.

It is not so easy to take the long view of socioeconomic history when you are participating in a revolution. For that reason, Russian economist Yegor Gaidar put aside an early version of this work to take up a series of government positions—as Minister of Finance and as Boris Yeltsin's acting Prime Minister—in the early 1990s. In government, Gaidar shepherded Russia through its transition to a market economy after years of socialism. Once out of government, Gaidar turned again to his consideration of Russia's economic history and long-term economic and political challenges. This book, revised and updated shortly before his death in 2009, is the result.

Gaidar's account of long-term socioeconomic trends puts his country in historical context and outlines problems faced by Russia (and other developing economies) that more developed countries have already encountered: aging population, migration, evolution of the system of social protection, changes in the armed forces, and balancing stability and flexibility in democratic institutions. This is not a memoir, but, Gaidar points out, neither is it “written from the position of a man who spent his entire life in a research institute.” Gaidar's “long view” is inevitably informed and enriched by his experience in government at a watershed moment in history.


$42.00 X | £7.99 ISBN: 9780262017411 568 pp. | 7 in x 9 in 44 figures, 88 tables


$28.00 T | £7.99 ISBN: 9780262526838 568 pp. | 7 in x 9 in 44 figures, 88 tables


Antonina W. Bouis and Anders Aslund.


  • The causes of modern economic growth are one great mystery, the sources of Russia's plight another. Only someone with the intellectual ambition of Yegor Gaidar would try to penetrate both mysteries in a single volume.

    Edward Lucas

    The Wall Street Journal

  • The analysis is remarkably sharp and succinct, devoid of self-exculpation, and informed by an astonishing array of Russian and Western sources. Readers with little knowledge of Russia will be stimulated by the book's ambitious scope, and students of Russian history will be treated to a fresh perspective on critical issues, including an arresting explanation of the collapse of the Soviet Union.


  • In this monumental work, Yegor Gaidar, the leading Russian economist of his generation, shows how Russia's economic and political development in the twentieth Century fit into the sweep of global history. Informed by a lifetime of scholarship and practical experience, Russia: A Long View is a tour de force that will enliven debates about Russia's place in the world for years to come.

    Daniel Treisman

    professor of Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles; author of The Return: Russia's Journey from Gorbachev to Medvedev

  • In the mid-1990s, Yegor Gaidar was asked what Russia will look like in twenty years. He said, with amazing prescience, that he was certain it will be a market economy, but far less certain that it will be a democracy. Like the prediction, this book reflects Gaidar's deep and distinctive perspective on long-term economic development, Russia's transition, and Russia's future.

    Andrei Shleifer

    Professor of Economics, Harvard University

  • Yegor Gaidar was Russia's 'national treasure.' A reformer of exceptional caliber and daring policy initiatives, he was also a scholar of profound erudition. His luminous writings in this volume show his acute insights into the economics and politics of recent Russian history. They also underline the tragedy of his premature death, which has deprived Russia of his manifold talents at a critical juncture in its troubled transition.

    Padma Desai

    Gladys and Roland Harriman Professor of Comparative Economic Systems, Columbia University