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Hardcover | Out of Print | 5.2 x 7.9 in | February 1967 | ISBN: 9780262190336
Paperback | $9.75 Short | £8.95 | 5.2 x 7.9 in | August 1969 | ISBN: 9780262690195
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Science, Technology, and American Foreign Policy


“Designed to delineate and direct attention to the increasingly influentia linterrelationship between science, technology and foreign policy, Skolnikoff's book succeeds as the first serious attempt to set out the significance, scope and surprising subtlety of this new interface. The book is intended to awaken the reader to its critical importance, the current incapacity of our institutions to cope with it effective JJl and the urgent need to do something to improve the situation.”
Scientific Research
“A far-ranging survey of the uses of science and technology as tools of the U.S. foreign policy process.”
“Political and natural scientists andeconomists will find this book stimulating reading. It will raise their understanding of the dilemma raised by the potential benefits and dangers flowing from science, an understanding which is the necessary ingredient of the dilemma's future resolution.”
Herbert G. Grubel, The University of Pennsylvania
“The author of this book is neither a scientist nor a professional diplomat.Yet he manages to crowd into 300-odd pages a great deal of pertinent and often useful information about the interaction between the impressive and fast-paced developments in science and technology and the growing complications of our international relations.”
Technology and Culture