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Ebook | $2.99 Short | ISBN: 9780262318013 | 72 pp. | January 2014
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The Secret Life of Verbs

A BIT of Learnability and Cognition, new edition


Bestselling author Steven Pinker’s early works on language acquisition have become classics in cognitive science. This BIT offers Pinker’s look back at this work and two pivotal chapters from Learnability and Cognition.

Purchasers of this MIT Press BIT will also receive a discount code (good on the MIT Press website only) for 40% off the price of the book Learnability and Cognition, from which this BIT is excerpted. Please email with your order number to receive your discount code.

About the Author

Steven Pinker is Harvard College Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. His books The Language Instinct, How the Mind Works, The Blank Slate, and The Better Angels of Our Nature have won numerous prizes.