A Sense of the Future

A Sense of the Future

Essays in Natural Philosophy

By Jacob Bronowski





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  • In these wide-ranging statements—which are so distinctive in style that a readercan almost hear the late Dr. Bronowski'svoice—this modern Renaissance man discusses, among other concepts: the logic ofnature, experiment and the mind; thecreative process and the reach of imagination. He explores the values of humanismand science, examines the principle of tolerance, looks down the corridors of time toenvision the fulfillment of man. As an interpreter of science and the continuing searchfor truth, Bronowski is almost without parallel in our time.

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  • Most potential readers are admirers ofthe BBC series The Ascent of Man Bronowski's enormously popular venture into television. They will be rewarded... by the essays on the meaning and values of science, which show this master expositor at his eloquent best. Reading Bronowski is not as intense as talking to him, but there is enough of that power in these pages to light many lamps. Buy it, read it, and above all, argue with it.

    George A. Miller

    Human Nature

  • Scientist, humanist, optimist, the late Jacob Bronowski in these essays explores the singularity of humankind, the essence ofscience, and the idea of a life force antece-dent to nature. At home in both scientific and humanistic thought, he draws examples from both to clarify and support the articles of his faith in science and the human race. As in his earlier television series, Bronowskiin print is mind-expanding in the best teaching tradition.

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