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Afterall is a research and publishing organization based in London. Since 1999 Afterall has produced a semiannual journal featuring the work of artists and the effect of their work on wider culture and political debate. In 2006 Afterall initiated a new project to present further research into the social and theoretical context of contemporary art practice. The concept of Afterall Books was simple but unprecedented: take one work of art by one artist and produce an essential critical guide to it. Together, these beautifully illustrated and well-produced books constitute a growing library of insights and analyses into the ideas, methods and intentions of contemporary artists.


An illustrated study of Michael Snow’s “zoom film,” which has become a touchstone for art and film studies.

La Jetée

A reconsideration of Chris Marker’s famous film, examining its treatment of time, its use of sound, the influence of the comic book form, and other topics.

Cultural History 1880–1983

An illustrated study of Hanne Darboven’s masterwork, the massive Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983 (Cultural History 1880-1983).


A study of Boetti’s 1988 work Map, a tapestry map of the pre-postcommunist world made of brightly colored, painstakingly woven national flags; illustrated with many color images.

Blow Job

A critical close-up of Warhol’s famous film and its cultural impact

The Mind is a Muscle

An extended exploration of Yvonne Rainer’s influential 1968 dance program The Mind is a Muscle, discussing its critique of relations between labor and value, its relationship to 1960s art practice in New York, leisure time in postwar America, and the mind-body duality.

The Way Things Go

An illustrated discussion of Fischli and Weiss’s famous film The Way Things Go, marking the twentieth anniversary of its first screening, explores why this captivating work continues to fascinate viewers.

Celebration? Realife

A richly illustrated study of Marc Chaimowicz's groundbreaking 1972 post-Pop installation-performance piece Celebration? Realife.

Save the Last Dance for Me
I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances)
Untitled (couple)
In Search of the Miraculous
The Man Who Flew into Space from his Apartment
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