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Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a series of annual hardcover anthologies originating from Toronto, Canada. Each volume in the series addresses a one-word topic of global concern and draws on the diverse perspectives of writers and artists from many cultures and disciplines. Each book is a graphically rich and textually surprising combination of images and texts that critically and imaginatively reinvents the topic at hand.

Alphabet City Magazine 15
Edited by John Knechtel

Writers, artists, and scholars consider the fragility of air, the ultimate commons.

Alphabet City Magazine 14
Edited by John Knechtel

Writers and artists offer new perspectives on water, with writings and projects that touch on subjects ranging from new water infrastructures to the bliss of bathing.

Alphabet City Magazine 13
Edited by John Knechtel

Writers and artists imagine the transition to a carbon-free future and the radical reinvention of energy that would make it possible.

Alphabet City Magazine 12
Edited by John Knechtel

As the slow food movement meets fast food nation and eating locally collides with on-demand arugula, our food habits are shifting: writers and artists examine and imagine these changes, from the idea of a farm in a skyscraper to a map of fruit that falls on public property, from the genealogy of an organic bento box to a tale of chop suey and egg rolls.

Alphabet City Magazine 10
Edited by John Knechtel

Essays, graphic novels, films, and commentary examine the figure of the suspect and the politics of suspicion in a post-9/11 world.

On the Foreignness of Film
Edited by Atom Egoyan and Ian Balfour

Translating the experience of film: filmmakers, writers, and artists explore the elements of film that make us feel "outside and inside at the same time."