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Belfer Center Studies in International Security

The Belfer Center Studies in International Security book series is edited at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and published by The MIT Press. The series publishes books on contemporary issues in international security policy, as well as their conceptual and historical foundations. Topics of particular interest to the series include the spread of weapons of mass destruction, internal conflict, the international effects of democracy and democratization, and U. S. defense policy.

Managing Defense for the Future
George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

How a president who prided himself on his decisiveness vacillated between policy approaches in the Middle East.

The Roots of World War I and the Risk of U.S.-China Conflict

Experts consider how the lessons of World War I can help prevent U.S.–China conflict.

Coercive Diplomacy and U. S. Intervention

A compelling account of the diplomatic and military actions that led to Kosovo’s independence and their implications for future U.S. and UN interventions.

Lessons from the War on Terrorism

Guidance for maintaining national security without abandoning the rule of law and our democratic values.

The Grand Master's Insights on China, the United States, and the World

Grand strategist and founder of modern Singapore offers key insights and controversial opinions on globalization, geopolitics, economic growth, and democracy.

Institutional Interests and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Expertise

An examination of the effectiveness of knowledge nonproliferation programs implemented by the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union.

States and Non-State Actors in Conflict

An original argument about the causes and consequences of political violence and the range of strategies employed.

Competition, Congruence, and Transformation
Personnel Policy and the Transformation of Western Militaries
Why Emerging Democracies Go to War
Dilemmas of US Diplomacy and Intelligence Analysis, 1945-1990
Islam and Foreign Policy
Edited by Brenda Shaffer
The Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population
Transforming the US Military System
Lessons from the Middle East
Dimensions of Preparedness
State and Local Responses to Terrorism
Language Policy and Ethnic Relations in Asia
The Seeds of Change in Eastern Europe
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