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CESifo Book Series

Each book in the CESifo Book Series aims to cover a topical policy issue in economics. The monographs reflect the research agenda of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research and they are typically “tandem projects” where internationally renowned economists from the CESifo network cooperate with Ifo researchers. The monographs have been anonymously refereed and revised after being presented and discussed at several workshops hosted by the Ifo Institute.

Education and the Economics of Growth

A rigorous, pathbreaking analysis demonstrating that a country’s prosperity is directly related in the long run to the skills of its population.

Multinational Company Finance and Taxation

An examination of indirect finance structures used by multinational corporations to reduce their worldwide tax payments.

An authoritative analysis that employs economic theory, cross-country empirical comparison, and case studies to analyze the effect of currency boards on inflation, output growth and macroeconomic performance.

An analysis of the effect of public pension schemes on a country’s fertility rate and a proposal for policies to reform pension coverage in light of this.

Theoretical and empirical analysis of the relationship between retirement decision and pension systems, with policy recommendations for reversing the current trend toward early retirement.

Analysis and evidence of how the factors that give rise to boom-bust cycles in fast-growing developing economies also enhance long-run growth.

Argues that urban transport economists should be less preoccupied with congestion pricing as the way of alleviating urban traffic congestion and should devote more of their attention to the study of policies that operate at a more microscopic scale—the scale at which urban transport policy decisions are made.

Credibility, Transparency, and Centralization

An examination of the debates on European Central Bank monetary policy, focusing on issues of transparency, credibility, and accountability and the effect of the ECB's decentralized structure.

Demography and Globalization

An analysis of the welfare state from a political economy perspective that examines the effects of aging populations, migration, and globalization on industrialized economies.

Implications for Growth and Inequality

A theoretical framework for analyzing the complex relationship of education, growth, and income distribution.