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Computational Molecular Biology

Computational molecular biology is a new discipline, bringing together computational, statistical, experimental, and technological methods, which is energizing and dramatically accelerating the discovery of new technologies and tools for molecular biology. The MIT Press Series on Computational Molecular Biology is intended to provide a unique and effective venue for the rapid publication of monographs, textbooks, edited collections, reference works, and lecture notes of the highest quality.

A concise introduction to fundamental methods for finding and extracting relevant information from the ever-increasing amounts of biomedical text available

An overview of algorithms important to computational structural biology that addresses such topics as NMR and design and analysis of proteins.

Tools and techniques for biological inference problems at scales ranging from genome-wide to pathway-specific.

A comprehensive survey of a rapidly expanding field of combinatorial optimization, mathematically oriented but offering biological explanations when required.

A Survey of Practical Models, Algorithms, and Numerical Methods

A practice-oriented survey of techniques for computational modeling and simulation suitable for a broad range of biological problems.

Ontologies as a critical framework for the vast amounts of data in the postgenomic era: an introduction to the basic concepts and applications of ontologies and ontology languages for the life sciences.

Using bioinformatics methods to generate a systems-level view of the immune system; description of the main biological concepts and the new data-driven algorithms.

Post-Genomic Computational Approaches

An introductory text that emphasizes the underlying algorithmic ideas that are driving advances in bioinformatics.

A detailed overview of current research in kernel methods and their application to computational biology.

A survey of current topics in computational molecular biology.