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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience is concerned with the relation between the developing brain and the emergence of psychological abilities during infancy and childhood. This rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field integrates and incorporates information from both normal and abnormal development, in both humans and other species. By tackling fundamental issues such as plasticity and maturation of the developing brain, books in the series are of interest not only to developmental psychologists, but also to cognitive neuroscientists, computational modellers, philosophers, and clinicians.

The second edition of an essential resource to the evolving field of developmental cognitive neuroscience, completely revised, with expanded emphasis on social neuroscience, clinical disorders, and imaging genomics.

Edited by Arjen van Ooyen

An important collection showing how computational and mathematical modeling can be used to study the complexities of neural development.

The contributions provide in-depth analyses of a broad range of neurodevelopmental disorders, including those resulting from whole chromosome defects (Down and Turner syndromes), those related to defects in a single gene (fragile-X syndrome) or a small number of genes (Williams syndrome), and complex genetic disorders (dyslexia, autism).