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Engineering Studies

The Engineering Studies Series publishes research in historical, social, cultural, political, philosophical, rhetorical, and organizational studies of engineers and engineering, paying particular attention to normative directionality in engineering epistemologies, practices, identities, and outcomes. Areas of concern include engineering formation, engineering work, engineering design, equity in engineering (gender, racial, ethnic, class, geopolitical), and engineering service to society. The Engineering Studies Series pursues three related missions: (1) advance understanding of engineers, engineering, and outcomes of engineering work; (2) help build and serve communities of researchers and learners in engineering studies; and (3) link scholarly work in engineering studies to broader discussions and debates about engineering education, research, practice, policy, and representation.

Competing Visions of Technology in 1960s America

An account of conflicts within engineering in the 1960s that helped shape our dominant contemporary understanding of technological change as the driver of history.

A History of American Engineering Education for Women

How women coped with both formal barriers and informal opposition to their entry into the traditionally masculine field of engineering in American higher education.