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Engineering Systems

The Engineering Systems series includes textbooks and scholarly works that push forward research and education in a dynamic, emerging field. Engineering Systems seeks to grapple with the set of problems addressed by engineers and draws on work in many fields: Technology and Policy; Systems Engineering; System and Decision Analysis, Operations Research; Engineering Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship; Manufacturing, Product Development, and Industrial Engineering, among others.

Systems Thinking Applied to Safety

A new approach to safety, based on systems thinking, that is more effective, less costly, and easier to use than current techniques.

Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World

An overview of engineering systems that describes the new challenges posed for twenty-first-century engineers by today’s highly complex sociotechnical systems.

An introduction to a powerful and flexible network modeling tool for developing and understanding complex systems, with many examples from a range of industries.

An argument that understanding healthcare delivery as a complex adaptive system will help us design a system that yields better health outcomes.

A guide to using the power of design flexibility to improve the performance of complex technological projects, for designers, managers, users, and analysts.