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History for a Sustainable Future

This series focuses on short books that provide valuable historical context illuminating the current landscape of environmental problems, innovations, decisions, and futures. The series editor is Michael Egan, and the associated series editors are Peter S. Alagona, Benjamin R. Cohen, and Adam M. Sowards.

Culture, Conflict, and Ecology

An argument that the commons is neither tragedy nor paradise but can be a way to understand environmental sustainability.

A New History of German Environmentalism

An account of German environmentalism that shows the influence of the past on today’s environmental decisions.

History, Power, Knowledge

An argument that the perception of arid lands as wastelands is politically motivated and that these landscapes are variable, biodiverse ecosystems, whose inhabitants must be empowered.

A Global History of Forest Management

How global forest management shifted from an integrated conservation model to a bifurcated system of timber plantations and protected areas.