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ACL-MIT Series in Natural Language Processing

Interpreting and Responding to Questions in Context
The Computer Generation of Explanatory Dialogues

Describes the problems and issues involved in generating interactive user-sensitive explanations.

Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives
Edited by Susan Armstrong

Using Large Corpora identifies new data-oriented methods for organizing and analyzing large corpora and describes the potential results that the use of large corpora offers.

From Intention to Articulation
Foundations, Specifications, and Implementations of Theories of Government and Binding

By formalizing recent syntactic theories for natural languages Stabler shows how their complexity can be handled without guesswork or oversimplification.

This book provides the first broad yet thorough coverage of issues in morphological theory.

Practical Mechanisms for the English Lexicon

Computational Morphology is the first book to present an integrated set of techniques for the rigorous description of morphological phenomena in English and similar languages.