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American Politics and Public Policy

Politics and Implementation

Health Policy and the Bureaucracy serves political scientists as well as specialists in health policy and administration. It is first of all a unique, comprehensive analysis of the major federal health programs, tracing their impact from legislation through the various stages of implementation. And second, by exploring a cross section of federal action within a single policy arena, it provides insights into the processes and strategies of implementation itself.

Organization and Public Policy in the Antitrust Division

"In these days everything is a 'trust'—and denounced as a conspiracy." What Charles Francis Adams observed in 1888 is even truer since the late 1960s. Big business has come under intense attack, with the American public's increasing suspicion that it deceives and robs and that economic power and wealth are dangerously concentrated.

The Politics of Urban Problems and Policy Making

"We confront an urban wilderness more formidable and resistant and in some ways more frightening than the wilderness faced by the pilgrims or the pioneers." What Robert Kennedy warned in 1966 is, ten years later, more starkly true than ever. As controversies about American cities rage, this critique takes a hard, unflattering look at the urban plight. Those who expect facile answers, utopian visions, or panaceas should, however, be cautioned: the book offers none. What it does offer is an interior view of urban policy making and an example of the most astute kind of policy study.