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Charles Babbage Institute Reprint

"The tasks which fill'd beginners with dismayThis little book has banish'd clear away."John Napier had already discovered and published an epoch­making treatise on logarithms when in 1617 he turned to "rabdology" or rod-reckoning as yet another means by which to confront the problem of simplifying the huge calculations involved in multiplication, division, and the extraction of roots.

Graphical and Mechanical Methods for Simplifying Calculation

In the days before the sophisticated mechanical esk calculator and the later electronic devices, d'Ocagne's nomograms were highly regarded methods for performing calculations. This first translation of d'Ocagne's Le Calcul Simplifié makes a classic work on the early art of computation available to historians of computer science.Le Calcul Simplifié, first published in the early 1890s, is volume 11 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series.