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Computer Science Series

Software metrics is a new area of computer science designed to enable programmers and other practitioners to assign quantitative indexes of merit to software. In this volume, "software" is defined broadly as a generic for all the stages of tailoring a computer system to solve a problem. Software Metrics is the first book to survey this new area, measuring its present extent, describing its characteristic features, and indicating directions of potential expansion.

The Scott-Strachey Approach to Programming Language Theory

"First book-length exposition of the denotational (or 'mathematical' or 'functional') approach to the formal semantics of programming languages (in contrast to 'operational' and 'axiomatic' approaches). Treats various kinds of languages, beginning with the pure-lambda-calculus and progressing through languages with states, commands, jumps, and assignments. This somewhat discursive account is a valuable compilation of results not otherwise available in a single source."
American Mathematical Monthly