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Foundations of Computing

Optimal Layouts for the Shuffle-Exchange Graph and Other Networks

This book provides the first comprehensive introduction to Dynamic Logic.

Essays in Honour of Robin Milner

This collection of original essays reflects the breadth of current research in computer science.

From a Programming Perspective
Efficient Algorithms

Algorithmic Number Theory provides a thorough introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms for problems from the theory of numbers. Although not an elementary textbook, it includes over 300 exercises with suggested solutions. Every theorem not proved in the text or left as an exercise has a reference in the notes section that appears at the end of each chapter.

Control Flow Semantics presents a unified, formal treatment of the semantics of a wide spectrum of control flow notions as found in sequential, concurrent, logic, object-oriented, and functional programming languages.

Types, Semantics, and Language Design

This book brings together the most important contributions to its development to date, focusing in particular on how advances in type systems and semantic models can contribute to new language designs.

The text is unique in its tutorial presentation of higher-order lambda calculus and intuitionistic type theory.

Algorithms and Software

This book provides practitioners as well as students of this general methodology with an easily accessible introduction to the new class of algorithms known as interior-point methods for linear programming.

This book presents the full, self-contained negative solution of Hilbert's 10th problem.

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists provides a straightforward presentation of the basic constructions and terminology of category theory, including limits, functors, natural transformations, adjoints, and cartesian closed categories.