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Leonardo Book Series

The Leonardo Book series documents the work of artists, researchers, and scholars at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology. New generations of artist-researchers and researcher-artists are bridging cultural and disciplinary divides, the better to address hard problems and human needs. The Leonardo series includes the work of creative individuals and teams driving innovations in art, science, and technology. It is published in collaboration with Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology, and the affiliated French organization Association Leonardo.

An investigation of artists’ engagement with technical systems, tracing art historical lineages that connect works of different periods.

From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art

Critical analyses, case studies, and artist interviews examine works of art that are realized with the physical involvement of the viewer.

Edited by Judy Malloy

First person accounts by pioneers in the field, classic essays, and new scholarship document the collaborative and creative practices of early social media.

Art at the Threshold of the Information Revolution (1961 - 1978)

An account of a major international art movement originating in the former Yugoslavia in the 1960s, which anticipated key aspects of information aesthetics.

Art, Media, and the Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region

How new media and visual artists provide alternative ways for understanding and visualizing the entanglements of media and the environment in the Asia-Pacific.

For a Digital Posthumanities

How philosophers and theorists can find new models for the creation, publication, and dissemination of knowledge, challenging the received ideas of originality, authorship, and the book.

Artists as Cartographers

An exploration of walking and mapping as both form and content in art projects using old and new technologies, shoe leather and GPS.

Affections for the Moving Image

An examination of experimental cinema and media art from the Arabic-speaking world that explores filmmakers’ creative and philosophical inventiveness in trying times.

Digitality as Cultural Logic

An examination of digitality not simply as a technical substrate but also as the logical basis for reshaped concepts of labor, subjectivity, and collectivity.

Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048

A critical mapping of the multiplicities of Finnish artist and technology pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi—composer of electronic music, experimental filmmaker, inventor, collector, futurologist.

Art after New Media

Redefining curatorial practice for those working with new kinds of art.

Bio Art and Beyond
Edited by Eduardo Kac

The theory and practice of bio art, a new art form that uses the materials and processes of biotechnology, with examples of work by such prominent artists as Eduardo Kac and Marc Quinn.

Stan VanDerBeek’s Movie-Drome and Expanded Cinema

An argument that the collaborative multimedia projects produced by Stan VanDerBeek in the 1960s and 1970s anticipate contemporary new media and participatory art practices.

A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation

The historical roots, key practitioners, and artistic, theoretical, and technological trends in the incorporation of new media into the performing arts.

Sound, Sense, Economy, and Ecology

Sound, tone, music, voice, and noise as forms of sonority through which our current economic and ecological crises can be understood.

A Genealogy of Visual Technologies from Prints to Pixels

An account of Western visual technologies since the Renaissance traces a history of the increasing control of light’s intrinsic excess.

Image, Power, and the Neoliberal Brain

An investigation of the aesthetics and politics of new visual media under twenty-first-century capitalism, from console games to virtual reality to video installation art.

Art, New Media, and Social Memory

The first book on the philosophy and aesthetics of digital preservation examines the challenge posed by new media to our long-term social memory.

Media Art Histories
Edited by Sean Cubitt and Paul Thomas

Leading historians of the media arts define a new materialist media art history, discussing temporality, geography, ephemerality, and the future.

Media Archaeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles

Tracing the cultural, material, and discursive history of an early manifestation of media culture in the making.

The long-awaited new edition of a groundbreaking work on the impact of alternative concepts of space on modern art.

Japanese Media Arts in Dialogue with the West

An exploration of the tensions between East and West and digital and analog in Japanese new-media art.

Toward an Art of Evolution

How humans’ aesthetic perceptions have shaped other life forms, from racehorses to ornamental plants.

Aspects of Art and Technology in Australia, 1956-1975

A critical and comprehensive account of the emergence of electronic arts in Australia.

Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media

Perspectives on the voice and technology, from discussions of voice mail and podcasts to reflections on dance and sound poetry.

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