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Linguistic Inquiry Monographs

These monographs present new and original research beyond the scope of the article. We hope they will benefit our field by bringing to it perspectives that will stimulate further research and insight. Originally published in limited edition, the Linguistic Inquiry Monographs are now more widely available. This change is due to the great interest engendered by the series and by the needs of a growing readership.

A groundbreaking, comprehensive formal theory of grammatical person that recasts its empirical foundations and re-envisions its theoretical core.

Ray Jackendoff steps back to survey the broader theoretical landscape in linguistics, in an attempt to identify some of the sources of the widely perceived malaise with respect to much current theorizing.

An argument that the word order of a given language is largely predictable from independently observable facts about its phonology and morphology.

The Theta System

A systematic exposition of Reinhart’s Theta System, with extensive annotations and essays that capture subsequent developments.

A theory of control, equally grounded in syntax and semantics, that argues that obligatory control is achieved either through predication or through logophoric anchoring.

A new theory of labeling that sheds light on such syntactic phenomena as relativization, successive cyclicity, island phenomena, and Minimality effects.

Lessons from Acehnese

An investigation of the syntactic structure of voice and v, using Acehnese (Malayo-Polynesian) as the empirical starting point.

A novel proposal regarding predicate-argument agreement that combines detailed empirical investigation with rigorous theoretical discussion.

An Essay on the Syntax of Negation

An extended argument for a syntactic view of NEG raising with consequences for the syntax of negation and negative polarity items.

A proposal for a radical new view of case morphology, supported by a detailed investigation of some of the thorniest topics in Russian grammar.

A Linguistic Analysis

A proposal for a compositional semantics for subjunctive (or would) conditionals in English.

A new approach to grammar and meaning of relational nouns is presented along with its empirical consequences.

Scrambling, Choice Functions, and Differential Marking

A novel view of the syntax-semantics interface that analyzes the behavior of indefinite objects.

A study on anaphoric dependencies that derives the conditions on anaphora in natural language from the design properties of the language system.

A new theory of syntactic movement within a Chomskyan framework.

Clitics, Incorporation, and Defective Goals

An argument that, contrary to Chomsky, head-movement is part of the narrow syntax.

A Comparative Study

A new analysis of adjectives, supported by comparative evidence.

A radically new approach to argument structure in the minimalist program.

An argument that patterns of allomorphy reveal that morphology and phonology behave in a way that provides evidence for a Localist theory of grammar.

A view of the locality conditions on vowel harmony, aligning empirical phenomena within phonology with the principles of the Minimalist program.

A study of the interface between syntax and phonology that seeks deeper explanations for such syntactic problems as case phenomena and the distribution of overt and covert wh-movement.

Unifying Agreement-Based and Discourse-Configurational Languages

An argument that not only do movement and agreement occur in every language, they also work in tandem to imbue natural language with enormous expressive power.

A new account of the peculiar syntax of psychological verbs argues that experiencers are grammaticalized as locative phrases.

An original and comprehensive approach to reduplication, with extensive examples and case studies in many languages.

This minimalist study proposes that the computational system of human language must consist of strictly local operations.

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