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Lincoln Laboratory Series, MIT

MIT Lincoln Laboratory, as part of its mission to develop technology in support of national security, has established the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Series to publish select fundamental research. The series’ volumes are authored by Laboratory experts and distinguished collaborators, and cover both theory and practice. These books are intended to be comprehensive resources for researchers, professors, and upper-level students in engineering and related fields.

The development of deep space surveillance technology and its later application to near-Earth surveillance, covering work at Lincoln Laboratory from 1970 to 2000.

A rigorous introduction to the theory and applications of state estimation and association, an important area in aerospace, electronics, and defense industries.

Theory and Application

An introduction to decision making under uncertainty from a computational perspective, covering both theory and applications ranging from speech recognition to airborne collision avoidance.

A guide to defense systems analysis by experts who have worked on systems that range from air defense to space defense.

Practical ultrawideband phased array technology used in airborne and ground-based systems applications.