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Ohlin Lectures

To honor the scientific achievements of Bertil Ohlin, the Stockholm School of Economics arranges the annual Ohlin Lectures. Like the lecture series on which it is based, the Ohlin book series covers important economic problems in areas close to Ohlin’s heart.

Searching for Economic Essentials

An examination of Liquidity Crunch in triggering and characterizing financial crises.

Lessons from the Heckscher-Ohlin Framework

A review of the Heckscher–Ohlin framework prompts a noted economist to consider the methodology of economics.

Lessons from the 1930s

The extreme protectionism that contributed to a collapse of world trade in the 1930s is examined in light of the recent economic crisis.

Microeconomic Structure and Macroeconomic Implications

An elegant synthesis of key research on the globalization of production and its relation to wage movements.

A leading authority on economic globalization argues that industrialization in the core countries of northwest Europe and its overseas settlements combined with a worldwide revolution in transportation to produce deindustrialization and an antiglobal backlash in industrially lagging poorer countries.

A Review

A review of the theoretical twists and turns in the development of the Heckscher-Ohlin model and an empirical assessment of the basic model and three related theorems.

On the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes
The Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture, and Politics on Long-Run Economic Performance

Ronald Jones suggests how the basic core of real trade theory can be modified to take into account the increased international mobility of inputs and productive factors.

In these six essays Ronald Findlay explores modifications to the factor proportions model, looking in particular at what happens when human capital and land use are allowed to vary endogenously.

Balancing theoretical insights with lessons drawn from the experience of many countries, Lindbeck examines employment and unemployment against the background of developed market economies during the past century.