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"Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal" is a peer-reviewed academic journal published since 1952 by the Yale School of Architecture and distributed by the MIT Press. Graduate students are competitively chosen to edit each issue. It is the oldest architectural journal of its kind in the United States. Contributors include some of the most important figures in contemporary architecture worldwide.


Ruminations on the paradoxical nature of amnesia: can the gaps it creates provide spaces for invention?


Investigating money’s ambiguous position in architecture, with reflections on topics that range from the aesthetics of austerity to the underwriting of large-scale art projects.


Essays and projects illuminate the nature of error and its creative possibilities for architecture.


A handbook of best practices, strategies, and speculation for architecture’s future.


Essays, interviews, and projects explore an expanded vocabulary of spatial practice.


Exploring the ill-defined realm of the architectural taboo, from the hidden spaces of American life to artistic practices in postrevolutionary Iran.

The Yale Architectural Journal

Architectural travel, from the Eternal City to the generic city.

The Yale Architectural Journal

A monster is in our midst, and its name is Architecture.

The Yale Architectural Journal

An architectural perspective on the transformation of capital cities in an age of globalization, from Baghdad and Belgrade to Brussels and Washington D.C.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The evolution of the relationship between codes, as systematic forms of regulation, and architecture; examines issues raised for the profession, the academy, and the built environment.