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"Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal" is a peer-reviewed academic journal published since 1952 by the Yale School of Architecture and distributed by the MIT Press. Graduate students are competitively chosen to edit each issue. It is the oldest architectural journal of its kind in the United States. Contributors include some of the most important figures in contemporary architecture worldwide.


An exploration of quotation, appropriation, and plagiarism, arguing that quotation and associated operations are ubiquitous, intentional, and vital in architecture.


Ruminations on the paradoxical nature of amnesia: can the gaps it creates provide spaces for invention?


Investigating money’s ambiguous position in architecture, with reflections on topics that range from the aesthetics of austerity to the underwriting of large-scale art projects.


Essays and projects illuminate the nature of error and its creative possibilities for architecture.


A handbook of best practices, strategies, and speculation for architecture’s future.


Essays, interviews, and projects explore an expanded vocabulary of spatial practice.


Exploring the ill-defined realm of the architectural taboo, from the hidden spaces of American life to artistic practices in postrevolutionary Iran.

The Real

Amid the tricks and trompe l’oeils of contemporary practices, architecture is now, more than ever, in pursuit of the real.

The Yale Architectural Journal

Architectural travel, from the Eternal City to the generic city.

The Yale Architectural Journal

A monster is in our midst, and its name is Architecture.

The Yale Architectural Journal

An architectural perspective on the transformation of capital cities in an age of globalization, from Baghdad and Belgrade to Brussels and Washington D.C.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The practice of architecture after the breakdown of consensus: designers, theoreticians, and scholars consider architecture's divergent ideological landscape in this issue of America's oldest and most distinguished student-edited architectural journal.

The Yale Architectural Journal

This issue of Perspecta discusses whether fame empowers architecture by giving architects leverage to produce ambitious projects or undermines architecture by diluting the quality and neglecting the values it must serve.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The juxtapositions of writings, architecture, and art show that association can be a tool of creativity and analysis.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The evolution of the relationship between codes, as systematic forms of regulation, and architecture; examines issues raised for the profession, the academy, and the built environment.

The Yale Architectural Journal

An exploration of various manifestations of the idea of "the temporary" in modern and contemporary architecture.

The Yale Architectural Journal

Essays exploring the legacy of architectural autonomy and its relationship to architecture's potential as a critical agent.

The Yale Architectural Journal

An exploration of mid-century architectural modernism in a postmodern age, and of surface as a subject with depth.

The Yale Architectural Journal

Perspecta 31 examines the relationship between architectural design and structural engineering through the processes and products of both disciplines.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The issue includes original documentation of notable housing projects from the 1920s and 1930s, when modernist ideas promised torevamp architecture and when, in retrospect, many of the seeds forpost-World War II suburban sprawl were planted.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The issue presents contemporary American projects that representanother generation of commitment to activist practice—continuing toapproach design as a socially engaged, oppositional mission.

The Yale Architectural Journal

The focus of Perspecta 28 is the architect's persona. The essays concentrate on the role that personal vision plays in the process of perceiving, transforming, and building a world outside of oneself.