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Scientific and Engineering Computation

The Scientific and Engineering Computation Series from MIT Press presents accessible accounts of computing research areas normally presented in research papers and specialized conferences. Elements of modern computing that have appeared thus far in the series include parallelism, language design and implementation, system software, and numerical libraries. The scope of the series continues to expand with the spread of ideas from computing into new aspects of science.

Data-Parallel Programming demonstrates that architecture-independent parallel programming is possible by describing in detail how programs written in a high-level SIMD programming language may be compiled and efficiently executed-on both shared-memory multiprocessors and distributed-memory multicomputers.

A New Environment for Modeling
HEP Supercomputer and Its Applications

Fifteen original contributions from experts in high-speed computation on multi-processor architectures, concurrent programming and parallel algorithms.

Achieving System Balance
Edited by Daniel A. Reed

The major research results from the Scalable Input/Output Initiative, exploring software and algorithmic solutions to the I/O imbalance.

Volume 2, The MPI Extensions

This volume presents a complete specification of the MPI-2 Standard. It is annotated with comments that clarify complicated issues, including why certain design choices were made, how users are intended to use the interface, and how they should construct their version of MPI.

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