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Semiotext(e) / Active Agents

A Literary Biography

The first authorized biography of postmodernism’s literary hero, Kathy Acker.

Collected Essays

The collected essays of the cofounder of the New Narrative movement, on theory, identity, poetry, and muses from Kathy Acker to Georges Bataille.

A Sexual Guide to Oldies on TV

A writer casts an acerbic, queer eye on the greats and the not-so-greats of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

A writer takes on subjects as varied as vomit, Kathy Acker’s wardrobe, and Occupy Oakland, in lyric explorations of illness, health, and the body.

Sturtevant's Volte-Face

The first book-length monograph on Elaine Sturtevant, who has focused her career on the artistic copy.

A manifesto for “toxic girls” that reclaims the wives and mistresses of modernism for literature and feminism.

Israeli Intellectuals and the Nationalist Myth

How the work of Israeli writers today reflects the foundation myths of a Jewish state.

Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios

Exit strategies from the current financial crisis that may lead us toward a new horizon of constructing the common.

Travel Essays in Art

A poet and post-punk heroine writes on subjects ranging from Björk to Robert Smithson, from traveling in Iceland to walking in Thoreau’s footsteps on Cape Cod

Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century

A philosopher and art theorist extends the poststructuralist theory of revolution to the nexus of art and activism.

Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Nothingness

Video Green examines the explosion of late 1990s Los Angeles art driven by high-profile graduate programs.

An Israeli Journalist in an Occupied Land

The writings of an Israeli journalist who has chosen to live in a Palestinian town in order to provide a firsthand description of what daily life is like for the population.

Survivors of the U.S. War Against Black Revolutionaries

An essential document of the Black Panther Party written by three leading thinkers and party activists who were jailed following the FBI'S 1969 mandate to destroy the organization "by any means possible."