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Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology

This series seeks to capture the traditional history of science and technology, and emphasizes explanations of the hard science practices that it seeks to historicize.

Astrology and Alchemy in Early Modern Europe
Empiricism and Erudition in Early Modern Europe

Essays examine how the genre of historia reflects connections between the study of nature and the study of culture in early modern scholarly pursuits.

How technical drawings shaped early engineering practice.

French Military Engineering from Vauban to the Revolution

A study of French military engineers at a crucial point in the evolution of modern engineering.

A reassessment of the Jesuit contributions to the emergence of the scientific worldview.

Adolphe Wurtz and the Battle for French Chemistry

After looking at the early careers of Wurtz's two mentors, Liebig and Jean-Baptiste Dumas, Rocke describes Wurtz's life and career in the politically complex period leading up to 1853. He then discusses the turning point in Wurtz's intellectual life—his conversion to the "reformed chemistry" of Laurent, Gerhardt, and Williamson—and his efforts to persuade his colleagues of the advantages of the new system.

Joseph von Fraunhofer and the Craft of Precision Optics
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