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Writing Art

Writings by artists convey a specific type of knowledge or way of thinking about artistic practice that the writings of academic and professional observers do not. It is not just a matter of artists' texts filling discursive gaps between critical writing and artistic production; it is also a question of texts by artists creating intellectual, political, and cultural possibilities that would not otherwise exist. The books in this series remind us that art's manifestations and meanings are rendered more complex when artists' voices are heard, and when artists engage in direct debate and dialogue with each other, the public, and scholars. The Writing Art series was initiated by Roger Conover in 1991.

The Writings of Hans Haacke

Texts by Hans Haacke that range from straightforward descriptions of his artworks to wide-ranging reflections on the relationship between art and politics.

Writings and Interviews, 1964-2004

Influential writings by the legendary art critic and theorist Jack Burnham—a pioneer in new media systems aesthetics and an early advocate of conceptualism.

The Writings of Hollis Frampton

The collected writings of artist and filmmaker Hollis Frampton, including all the essays from the long-unavailable Circles of Confusion along with rare additional material.

A Life

Memoir by the avant-garde dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker recounting her childhood years, sexual misadventures, and artistic explorations.

Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009

Manifestos and immodest proposals from China’s most famous artist and activist, culled from his popular blog, shut down by Chinese authorities in 2009.

Writings and Interviews, 1965–2007

Reviews, art criticism, theoretical texts, interviews, catalog statements, notecards, magazine interventions, and other writings on art and art in the form of writing by a leading conceptual artist; many pages reproduced in facsimile.

The Writings of Andrea Fraser

Essays, criticism, and performance scripts written between 1985 and 2003 by an artist whose artistic practice investigates and reveals the social structures of art and its institutions.

The Early Writings of Vito Acconci

Poems and other texts from the 1960s by a pioneering conceptual artist that show a continuity with his subsequent work in performance and video art.

The first collection of writings by a noted artist and activist whose work has focused on the AIDS epidemic.

Texts 1959–2004

Statements, dialogue, letters, epigrams, and poems by sculptor Carl Andre, a central figure in minimalism.

Statements, Conversations, Proposals
Essays, Interviews, Projects
Further Essays on Art & Language
Essays and Criticism
Selected Writings by Dan Graham on His Art

Essays charting the diverse works of renowned conceptual artist Dan Graham.

Selected Writings in Art Criticism 1967-1992
Selected Writings in Meta-Art 1968-1992
Writings and Interviews, 1923–1997

A book of both formal texts and what the artist calls "pen-thoughts": drawing-texts often connected to her drawings andsculptures, with stories or poems inscribed alongside the images.

Power, Cultures, and the World of Appearances

In these essays and reviews, written over the last decade, Barbara Kruger addresses that power with intelligence and wit, in the hope of engaging both our criticality and our dreams of affirmation.

Writings and Projects 1965-1990

Rock My Religion collects eighteen of Graham's essays from all periods of his work, beginning with his essays on minimalist artists such as Dan Flavin and Donald Judd, continuing with his writings on punk rock and popular culture, and concluding with his more recent considerations of architecture, urban space, and power.