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Hardcover | Out of Print | August 1964 | ISBN: 9780262130172
Paperback | $20.00 X | £14.95 | January 1968 | ISBN: 9780262630146
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Signification And Significance


For several decades, Dr. Morris has worked primarily with two problems: the development of a general theory of signs, and the development of a general theory of value. He approached both problems in terms of George Mead's theory of action or behavior. This book brings together these two lines of development.In many languages there is a term like the English "meaning" which has two poles: that which something signifies and the value or significance of what is signified. The nature of signification and significance, as well as their relations within human behavior, is the subject matter of this book.This book is addressed to philosophers and to students of the behavioral sciences, but it will also appeal to anyone seriously interested in the study of human communication.