The Sino-Soviet Rift

By William E. Griffith




The Sino-Soviet rift, says William E. Griffith, is the single most significant ideological split since the Reformation in the 16th century. Not merely a matter of a “backyard fight” among the Communist states, the formidable consequences of the cleavage are being mirrored in the foreign policy actions of neutral and Western nations as well.

A chronological summary, analysis, and documentation of the developments in the Sino-Soviet dispute between February, 1962 and November, 1963, the book includes a history of the dispute, the reintensification of the dispute because of the Cuban and Sino-Indian crises, the five Communist congresses in Europe between November, 1962, and January, 1963, the exchange of letters leading up to the Sino-Soviet meeting of July, 1963, the signature of the Test Ban Treaty, and the aftermath of both events.

The Sino-Soviet Rift was written under the sponsorship of The China Quarterly, and is a publication in the series Studies in International Communism, by the Center for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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