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Hardcover | $70.00 X | £58.95 | 752 pp. | 8 x 9 in | 241 b&w illus. | October 2010 | ISBN: 9780262240550
eBook | $49.00 Short | October 2010 | ISBN: 9780262289849
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Social Modeling for Requirements Engineering

Foreword by Stephen Fickas


Much of the difficulty in creating information technology systems that truly meet people’s needs lies in the problem of pinning down system requirements. This book offers a new approach to the requirements challenge, based on modeling and analyzing the relationships among stakeholders. Although the importance of the system-environment relationship has long been recognized in the requirements engineering field, most requirements modeling techniques express the relationship in mechanistic and behavioral terms.

This book describes a modeling approach (called the i* framework) that conceives of software-based information systems as being situated in environments in which social actors relate to each other in terms of goals to be achieved, tasks to be performed, and resources to be furnished. Social perspectives on computing have provided much insight for many years. The i* framework aims to offer a modeling approach to the relationships embedded in computer systems that is part of an engineering method that offers systematic techniques and tools providing smooth linkages to the rest of the system development process, including system design and implementation.

The book includes Eric Yu’s original proposal for the i* framework as well as research that applies, adapts, extends, or evaluates the social modeling concepts and approach.

About the Editors

Eric Yu is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto.

Paolo Giorgini is Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Trento.

Neil Maiden is Professor of Systems Engineering and Head of the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design at City University, London.

John Mylopoulos is Distinguished Professor in the Department of of Information Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Trento. He is the coeditor of Metamodeling for Method Engineering (MIT Press, 2009).


“Modeling goals and agents, and modeling social and information systems, are integral activities. This excellent book recognizes this tight coupling and provides both rigorous analysis and practical guidance. It will be of significant value for research in requirements engineering and will serve as a valuable introduction to advanced practice. Anybody with a serious interest in this important area is recommended to read it.”
Anthony Finkelstein, Professor of Software Systems Engineering and Head of Department of Computer Science, University College London
“The social aspects of design are essential for supporting users' IT needs. With its excellent collection of papers, this book offers the reader a way to model social requirements and make them work in a real environment.”
Dimitris Karagiannis, Institute for Knowledge and Business Engineering, University of Vienna