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Hardcover | Out of Print | 462 pp. | November 1986 | ISBN: 9780262100342
Paperback | $49.00 X | £36.95 | 462 pp. | November 1986 | ISBN: 9780262600538
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Sound, Structures, and Their Interaction, Second Edition


Sound, Structures, and Their Interaction covers theoretical acoustics, structural vibrations, and the interaction of elastic structures with an ambient acoustic medium. It is intended both as a text for graduate-level courses and as a reference book for researchers in various areas of underwater acoustics. It is self-contained and presents the theoretical foundations in sound radiation and scattering and in plate and shell vibrations required for the solution of coupled acoustics-structural vibrations problems.First published in 1972, Sound, Structures, and Their Interaction has been extensively revised to incorporate new results, with a particular emphasis on novel asymptotic solutions that provide physical insight as well as a check on numerical solutions. The book differs from other texts not only in its thorough treatment of the interaction of elastic structures with the ambient medium but also in its derivation of short-wavelength asymptotic solutions of sound diffraction (creeping waves) and of high-frequency vibrations of shells.This new edition also covers specialized problems, such as sound propagation in bubble swarms and in liquid-filled elastic waveguides and the effect of stiffeners on the response of submerged plates. The chapters dealing with acoustics proper provide powerful analytical techniques that the reader can apply to specific radiation and scattering situations.Miguel C. Junger is President and Principal Scientist, Cambridge Acoustical Associates, Inc. David Feit is a Research Scientist in the Ship Acoustics Department of the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Bethesda, Maryland.