Spatial Hearing, Revised Edition

Spatial Hearing, Revised Edition

The Psychophysics of Human Sound Localization

By Jens Blauert




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The field of spatial hearing has exploded in the decade or so since Jens Blauert's classic work on acoustics was first published in English. This revised edition adds a new chapter that describes developments in such areas as auditory virtual reality (an important field of application that is based mainly on the physics of spatial hearing), binaural technology (modeling speech enhancement by binaural hearing), and spatial sound-field mapping. The chapter also includes recent research on the precedence effect that provides clear experimental evidence that cognition plays a significant role in spatial hearing. The remaining four chapters in this comprehensive reference cover auditory research procedures and psychometric methods, spatial hearing with one sound source, spatial hearing with multiple sound sources and in enclosed spaces, and progress and trends from 1972 (the first German edition) to 1983 (the first English edition)—work that includes research on the physics of the external ear, and the application of signal processing theory to modeling the spatial hearing process. There is an extensive bibliography of more than 900 items.


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  • A comprehensive, thorough, and easily readable survey of all the important work that has been done on the theories of hearing.

    R. J. Orlowski

    Applied Acoustics

  • There are two kinds of hearing. One kind is the hearing we are born with...The other kind of hearing is learned, and develops as an elaborate form of pattern recognition in which the ear and brain cooperate...The richness of this auditory space, much of it based on cues at or below the edge of conscious awareness, is explored in great detail by a distinguished expert in spatial hearing. It is a technically thorough, clearly presented review of almost everything known about that subject.



Out of Print ISBN: 9780262024136 508 pp. | 6.3 in x 9 in