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Paperback | $32.00 Short | £22.95 | ISBN: 9780262581479 | 240 pp. | 6 x 9 in | October 1996

The Struggle for Recognition

The Moral Grammar of Social Conflicts


In this pathbreaking study, Axel Honneth argues that "the struggle for recognition" is, and should be, at the center of social conflicts. Moving smoothly between moral philosophy and social theory, Honneth offers insights into such issues as the social forms of recognition and nonrecognition, the moral basis of interaction in human conflicts, the relation between the recognition model and conceptions of modernity, the normative basis of social theory, and the possibility of mediating between Hegel and Kant.


"Honneth's book casts a flood of light on what has been an area ofdarkness, the place where the philosophical tradition and modernpolitics meet and interweave. Since neither is really comprehensiblewithout the other, this work is essential reading for those who wouldunderstand either. It is a pathbreaking study, which ought to be atthe center of the debate for many years to come." Charles Taylor , McGill University"—

"This is a most remarkable book. The exposition and criticaldiscussion are conducted with exemplary clarity. It may changeintellectual lives; it will certainly attract a great deal ofattention for many years to come." William Outhwaite , University of Sussex"—